Confidence with Providence;
I post what I want.
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hair is not permanent. baths will make u sleepy and so will lotion. if u aren’t up for school don’t fucking go. u don’t need to explain urself. it’s ok to give in to societies expectations sometimes. girl sweat is a gift from whatever the fuck u believe in. just bcause u can,doesn’t mean u should. bring food with u everywhere and don’t hesitate to eat it. ur aren’t as bloated as u think u r. write things on ur hands.

Makoto Tachibana AKA gorgeous supermodel 


im afraid my online friends are gonna meet me in person and be like “oh”


I’m like a shooting star

I’ve come so far

I can’t go back to where I used to be


I don’t know what this is.

"I’ve been in service as a pageboy. My name is, er…F-Finnian."
Sousuke's precious smile (▰˘◡˘▰).



Eevee by request.